Fostex consortium partners gathered for the second time: allining and implementing is key.

Fostex partners came together in Romania for the second project meeting, hosted by partner INCDTP – The National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather – in Bucharest. The encounter was scheduled on three days, from July 10th to 12th, permitting partners travelling long distances to easily join to destination. Nevertheless the reasonable timetable, cancelled flights forced collaborators from UH2C to give up on their travelling plans, thus hadn’t the chance to participate to the gathering.


Splitting the meeting in three days offered the possibility to structure the gathering in a way to do offer a general overview on the project and to go in depth on some specific issues, too. First two days served as an update involving all partners on running activities, addressing each work package – presented by its responsible partner – and providing a common knowledge level. The third day was dedicated to the ongoing analysis and screening activities, executed mainly by the Moroccan and Jordanian partners, going in deep and addressing any detected issues. The experimented timetable fostered efficiently collaboration and interpersonal exchange, achieving thus one of the several objectives of EC’s Erasmus+ programme: bringing experts together and facilitate knowledge transfer.


Next meeting is planned for mid-November in Morocco and will be hosted by project partner ESITH. Date and place selected will offer the possibility to participate to the Smart Textile Salon exploiting the international event for project dissemination.

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