The advanced textile centres established at BAU, ESITH, JUST, UH2C

In the framework of the FOSTEX capacity building project, three Advanced Textile Centers have been created at the partner institutions BAU, JUST and UH2C, and the already existing one at ESITH has been updated with equipment dedicated to the study, control, and support in innovation on advanced textiles for students, researchers and industrial professionals.

Center of Innovation on Advanced Textiles – CITA (ESITH)

The innovation cell is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the measurement, analysis and control of textile materials. The laboratory also has equipment for measuring the performance of the textile material. Within the framework of the FOSTEX project, new services have been offered such as quality testing, product certification, training, information seminars on fashion trends, new ways of organizing production, etc. 

CITA main activities and services include: support for research and innovation, improving student training, industrial cooperation, R&D services (valorization, TUT development, composites, technical yarns), Analysis and control (thermal properties, mechanical properties), assistance and advice (training).

Advanced Textile Research and Innovation Center – ATRIC (UH2C)

The Advanced Textile Research and Innovation Center ‘’ATRIC’’ mission is to innovate and develop sustainable textile products, using a variable internal facility to perform various works related to the development of textile products.  The ATRIC center is equipped with the latest sophisticated analytical instruments (Electrospinning, GPC, SEM, Raman, ATG, DSC,UV…) and a team of competent and experienced researchers and doctors. ATRIC’s objectives are to use increasingly sophisticated methods to develop modern textiles using a variety of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers and appropriate manufacturing processes.

The choice of equipment, basic equipment for the testing and control of textile materials, was made in consultation with European and Moroccan partners having already textile centers established. Other more specific equipment has been chosen to meet market needs through the development of advanced textile products and also to assess their performance for very high value-added applications.

The Textile Centers in Jordan, at BAU and JUST, will give the opportunity to provide new services to textile companies including advanced quality testing, certification, specific training courses, workshops and informative seminars on fashion trends, organization of trade missions, support of participation in exhibitions, promotion of entrepreneurship and contribution to the integration of refugees into the textile sector.

The main objective of these centers is to develop research that is at the same time cutting-edge, creative, and applied. Its choice of research on advanced materials positions it in a collaborative interface with other industries seeking to use textile fibers as reinforcement and to develop new products. Also, to identify the needs of companies in terms of innovation, both in equipment and in processes, and to offer a service of analysis and control for textiles in general and for advanced textiles in specific.

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