Join the FOSTEX textile community and get in touch with experts of advanced textiles

Are you a professional of the textile industry interested in advanced technologies and processes? Do you want to be up to date on the international textile market? Are you keen to get in touch with peers from all over central Europe and the mediterranean area to exchange knowledge? Then join the FOSTEX textile community!

The aim of the online community is to offer a collaboration platform where to get in direct contact with actors and stakeholders of the European, Jordanian and Moroccan textile industry, and beyond.

It’s a virtual space fostering exchange between:

  • the Jordanian and Moroccan Advanced Textile Centres established within the FOSTEX project lifespan
  • textile industry stakeholders belonging both to the European and Mediterranean area
  • the FOSTEX community and other relevant stakeholders, such as policymakers, Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs) and research centres.
  • initiators and/or universities interested in setting up advanced textile centres

Besides getting in direct contact with the FOSTEX experts of the 4 advanced textile centres, get insights and inspiration on material innovation from design professionals and exploit results from ongoing research.

Intrigued? To ease your way in, we’ve prepared a short guideline available here.

The FOSTEX consortium partners are happy to have you on board!

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