UNIWA promotes FOSTEX to an international audience of stakeholders

Project partner UNIWA seized the opportunity to communicate FOSTEX to an international audience of relevant stakeholders, again, in the very beginning of 2021 participating to the SMARTEX SEMINAR for capacity building of academic staff.

The 1st training of trainers online seminar of the EU Project “Modernization of curriculum of Textile Engineering and Textile Technology in Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan”, in short “SMARTEX”, took place from January 11 to 14. Prof. Priniotakis – UNIWA’s reference person also for FOSTEX – presented the activities of FOSTEX project during the discussion with the attendees of the seminar, being all academic staff of the participating Universities.

Aim of the project is to support the modernisation and internationalisation of Higher Education Institutes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, in the context of the priorities identified in the New EU Consensus in Development and the EU Higher Education in the World. 

The Erasmus+ Capacity Building project started a year ago, January 2020, and will end in January 2023 producing a series of tangible outputs. In particular, an ad hoc training platform will be implemented for delivering the SMARTEX blended learning courses that will be available in 2022.

To know more about the initiative, visit the project website: www.smartexproject.eu