Transnational consortium meetings despite the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed habits and plans, having a deep impact on the social activities of FOSTEX’s international collaboration. All consortium partners were meant to gather on March 11th 2020 in Jordan for the 4th transnational project meeting, but the outbreak of COVID-19 in the European south blocked most of the partners in their homes forcing to assist the meet-up online. 

Nevertheless, the virus respected the different geographical areas understanding the importance of physical interaction and allowed the Moroccan team to travel to al-Salt, providing the opportunity for an in depth exchange among the experts. The meeting was very helpful to understand venue, set-up and machinery necessary to implement FOSTEX’s advanced textile centres.

The following months have been complicated for all the involved partners, considering that new modalities of interaction and application of security measurements extended significantly plans and procedures.

Still, a regular contact within the consortium partners and several ongoing and planned project activities, such as the roundtables in Jordan and Morocco together with the upcoming capacity building training in Spain, will keep the project pace high.