T&C Industry needs and expectations: ACI hosts FOSTEX roundtable

From November 13th to 15th, the international conference ITMC – International Conference on Intelligent Textiles & Mass Customisation was held in Marrakech. 

On March 10th 2020, FOSTEX partner ACI – Amman Chamber of Industry will host the Roundtable “Advanced textiles’ centres development and Investment promotion for inclusive and sustainable growth in Jordan”. The event will be organised in collaboration with the local Universities, BAU and JUST, while some European consortium partners will contribute with their expertise. Target audience of the event are the Jordanian stakeholders of the Textile and Clothing Industry invited to join this open discussion about the industry needs and expectations against the advanced textile innovation centres that will be implemented thanks to the FOSTEX initiative. To get further information about the roundtable contact us via info@fostexproject.eu and follow us on social media twitterfacebookLinkedIn.