ITMC 2019: FOSTEX at the Smart Textile Salon thanks to ESITH

From November 13th to 15th, the international conference ITMC – International Conference on Intelligent Textiles & Mass Customisation was held in Marrakech. 

The ITMC is organised every two years and the organisation rotates among the 5 coordinating countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Japan and Morocco. The local organiser of this seventh edition was ESITH. On November 13th and 14th, inspiring speakers from industry, academia, government and society discussed on new opportunities and challenges, bringing global trends and success stories about cutting edge science and technology. The main topics addressed were: advanced manufacturing, comfort, connected composites, design methodologies, digital tools, E-textile and E-commerce, education and training, funding opportunities, Internet of Things, mass customisation, smart and functional textiles, supply chain management and logistics, sustainable production, recycling. 

The interdisciplinary approach of this conference is the key to maximise the potential and development of textile materials and tools for various applications. The purpose of the conference is to explore new ideas, effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth by catalysing the creation of a beneficial synergy between designers, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users of all sectors and making full use of this potential.

FOSTEX project has participated at the international conference ITMC in Morocco, on the last day of the conference, at the same location, the Smart Textiles Salon also held its seventh edition. In fact, on November 14th Mónica Ardanuy, presented FOSTEX project. On the same day Dr. Ariadna Detrell, Cluster Manager of AEI Tèxtils and partner of FOSTEX project, also presented CONTEXT, the European network of experts on advanced textile materials, as action chair within the conference. Several members of the network also participated to the conference. A variety of prototypes based on textile materials were exhibited at this event.