The contents of this page are made available during the project implementation. Here you’ll find press materials and the public outputs generated by Fostex consortium.
The materials are addressed to any subject interested to know more about the initiative and get in touch with the consortium.
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Project outputs

Aim of the work package: to assess the importance of the advanced textiles’ sector for the economies of Morocco and Jordan and collaboration between universities and companies in the textile sector, while understanding the training needs for experts in advanced textiles’ centers in the two partner countries. Identifying the most favorite pedagogical approach for experts in the advanced textiles’ centers and analysing EU best practices and success stories to be transferred to the target countries including other funded projects related to capacity building in other sectors.

Aim of the work package: to develop a capacity building programme that allows target partners to learn from the European experience in setting up and manage the advanced textiles’ centers. In this WP the advanced textiles centers will be set up in Jordan and Morocco and equipped based on the experience of the EU partners. The correct operation and attractiveness of the services of the centers will be tested and an entrepreneurial plan for Jordan and Morocco with focus on the textiles industry and their integration within the advanced textiles centers in both countries will be prepared. The advanced textiles centers will contribute to establish synergic expertise transfer and collaboration between EU textile companies and experts to partner countries with the centers as catalysts of innovation. A collaboration platform to enable synergic collaboration between companies and HEIs will guarantee the sustainability of the project.

Aim of the work package: to define quality and evaluation mechanisms and criteria and through them, supervising the quality of project deliverables as well as their consistency with end users, meanwhile determining whether the project planning and implementation are effective and the planned results and expected impact are met.

Aim of the work package: to promote and disseminate the project’s intermediary and final results and outcomes, while mainstreaming its scope and activities in the partner countries in order to facilitate the awareness raising on the importance of advanced textiles’ centres and collaboration between companies and HEIs for economic development.

Aim of the work package: to coordinate and support partner efforts, ensuring that project aims and results are achieved in due time and with the planned resources, and to effectively and efficiently comply with the contractual and operational obligations with the EC.

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